Applying to the Florida Bar – After You Apply

Sometimes, however, issues are not clear, as in our second scenario. After the student complies with the board’s requests, the board may request the registrant to appear for an Investigative Hearing.

The student is provided a list of hearing dates from which to schedule his or her appearance before the board, which meets generally monthly. It can be several months, from the time the registrant is initially requested to appear, before he or she actually appears before the board. So, it is in the student’s best interest to register early in law school. Even with the extended time to schedule an investigative hearing, registrant clearance may well occur prior to beginning the third year of law school.

Unfortunately, not all registrants are cleared following the Investigative Hearing. In the third scenario, the processing track picks up with further investigation after the Investigative Hearing. This may be followed by the filing of specifications charging the applicant with matters that, if proven, would preclude a favorable finding by the board. If specifications are filed you must answer and appear for a Formal Hearing. Formal Hearings are full or half day investigations which can result in a recommendation of a denial of admissions to the Florida Bar.

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